Is Going After Monthly Bookkeeping Clients On Television has announced today it will begin airing television commercials that are aimed at bookkeeping clients on dozens of cable networks including such stations as CNN and Fox News. The TV commercials which will air nationally during prime-time, are highly impactful and will offer business owners who struggle with their bookkeeping a way to obtain more timely and accurate financials through outsourcing. The commercials will also offer business owners the opportunity to cut their bookkeeping costs by as much as half of the cost of hiring a full-time bookkeeper.

Using national television to offer companies a way to cut their bookkeeping costs while getting more accurate and timely financials could be a win, win for business owners as well as for the accounting firms that comprise‘s nationwide network. “Over the last 18-years we have relied almost exclusively on digital advertising as the sole way to generate billings for our member accounting firms,” says Johanna Laurent, President of By adding national television, Laurent predicts her company will deliver even far greater billings to her network of accountants.

Outsourcing is where accountants service their clients remotely from off-site through online software. Time spent out of the office with clients who outsource can be very minimal with some accountants never meeting face-to-face with the business owner even after years of servicing them. Such clients are not only low-maintenance but very good for cash flow considering some outsource bookkeeping engagements can pay monthly fees as high as $5,000 to $10,000 or more.  Outsourcing also offers accounting firms access to a much larger pool of customers outside their immediate locale that can still be serviced effectively through online accounting software.

Although accounting firms will now have the opportunity to expand their base of clients to include companies as far as six or seven states away, there are some key differences with GoodAccountants‘ new television initiative from their digital marketing programs. Accounting firms wishing to participate in their television advertising must already have billings of at least $1 million dollars to qualify and must be able to afford to invest a minimum of $100,000 to support the advertising effort. A percentage of the monthly billings are also paid to from the monies that are collected from clients converted from the television advertising. 

Although television remains among the more expensive forms of advertising it is still one of the most effective even in today’s digital universe. It remains the age-old way to immediately garner brand recognition as well as legitimacy among millions of viewers. Television also fosters widespread acceptance by viewers that the advertiser is a leader in their respective industry. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Disney, to name a few, have overwhelmingly used television as the primary way to establish their brands.  Notwithstanding, effective advertising on television requires buying air-time on dozens of networks where a single 30-second, prime-time spot can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. A factor which has precluded most small accounting firms from the platform since they could never afford to pay for such costly advertising on their own. is the premier lead-generation company for the U.S. accounting industry which specializes in sourcing small to mid-size business clients in need of accounting, bookkeeping and auditing services.  In its eighteenth year of operations, has delivered an estimated one-billion dollars in billings to participating accountants. 

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