I Took Six Years To Join But Still Got A $52,000 Client My First Time Out

Although it took Certified Public Accountant, Kali St. Pierre, six years to join GoodAccountants.com‘s nationwide network of accountants, she still got a $52,000 yearly client her first time out. The Tomball, Texas native just landed a $20 million software development company that will pay her $4,000 monthly and an additional $4,000 retainer for an initial cleanup of their books. The $20 million client was her very first referral from GoodAccountants.com.

Meeting with the client the very next day after plunking down $25,000 for GoodAccountant’s Designated Service Provider Membership level, she successfully closed the deal within a matter of 72 hours. According to Kali, should she retain this single client for the industry standard 7-year average, which accountants hold onto their clients, she estimates she will earn $340,000 from her one-time $25,000 investment with GoodAccountants.com. Ironically, Kali has also picked up another $20,000 client just last week from GoodAccountants.com. If the same 7-year rule applies to this second client that she has now landed, then add another $140,000 to her total windfall.

Kali first came into contact with GoodAccountants.com six years ago, back in 2013, through an email she received from Senior Business Consultant, Raquel Carter, who was presenting her with an outsourced controllership engagement with a local company. Although Kali was thoroughly intrigued by the opportunity she was just starting her accounting practice at the time and was thwarted by the financial constraints which most startups face. “I officially joined GoodAccountants.com after six years of thinking about it,” says Kali jokingly about the length of time it took her to make up her mind to join the nation’s largest and oldest accountancy referral service. Click here to watch the video.

GoodAccountants.com is the premier lead-generation company for the U.S. accounting industry which specializes in sourcing small to mid-size business clients for accountants and accounting firms.  In its eighteenth year of operations, GoodAccountants.com has delivered an estimated half-billion dollars in billings to participating accountants. 

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