Danielle Hewitt Lands $60,000 Client Within 48 Hours From Email

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Danielle Hewitt is a Certified Public Accountant whose accounting practice is located in Lake Forest, California. She operates the practice along with her husband who is a certified auditor. It was an email she received from GoodAccountants.com about an Outsourced Chief Financial Officer engagement that got her attention and caused her to call the number on the email to request more information.

The email she received from GoodAccountants.com about an Outsource Chief Financial Officer engagement with a global management and consulting company sounded almost too good to be true. According to the email, the company’s CFO who was leaving at the end of the month had been operating remotely from Georgia and they wanted to replace him as soon as possible with another off-site CFO. Danielle participated in a telephone interview with the business owner which was arranged by GoodAccountants.com and the very next day the owner informed GoodAccountants.com that he really liked Danielle and thought she would make an excellent addition to his team. He went on to say that Danielle represented a wonderful alignment to the vision and future of his company. He immediately retained Danielle for $60,000 a year. Click here to watch Danielle’s video.

GoodAccountants.com is the premier lead-generation company for the U.S. accounting industry which specializes in sourcing small to mid-size business clients for accountants and accounting firms.  In its eighteenth year of operations, GoodAccountants.com has delivered an estimated half-billion dollars in billings to participating accountants. 

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