Only 3-Days Left For’s 4Xs Your Money Holiday Offer’s 4XS Your Money Holiday Offer will end on Friday.’s Holiday Offer will end this Friday which means only 3-days are left to take advantage of a 4Xs return on your money offer.   Whether you’re investing from $5,000 to $500,000 to market your accounting practice with, the return in first-year, client billings is one that quadruples your money. 

Jill Boag took advantage of GoodAccountants’ Holiday Offer signing a $40,000 monthly client within her first 48-hours of engaging to market her accounting practice.   Our Holiday Offer has also yielded a $45,000 monthly client to Leslie Cox Schreiner in only 14 days of her signing.  Brook Avey added $5,500 to her monthly cash flow in just 90 days using our marketing services to promote her accounting practice. 

If you’re barely making it from deadline to deadline then give your accounting practice the gift of year-round, monthly cash flow from one of our marketing programs which quadruples your investment in first-year client billings. 

Eliminate the dry season for your practice. 

For more information call 1 (888) 326-9300 to take advantage of this 4Xs your money Special Holiday Offer which ends on Friday. 

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