Brook Avey Says Has Increased Her Monthly Cash Flow By $5,500 In Just 90-Days

Brook Avey says has increased her monthly cash flow by $5,500 in just 90 days

Brook Avey has just added a $66,000 monthly client to a list of twenty-five other clients she’s landed from  All combined, Brook has added a total of $155,000 in first-year, recurring billings to her cash flow from clients referred to her by, the nation’s premier lead-generation company for the accounting industry. But what’s even more impressive, the last two clients Brook signed were engaged within a ninety-day period and together have added more than $5,500 per month to her cash flow.

Considering accounting industry statistics  which indicate accountants hold their clients an average seven-years, it’s conceivable Brook could earn as much as a half-million dollars from just one client she’s obtained from for a $25,000 marketing investment.  “As a result of my connection with I’ve had to hire staff due to the more significant virtual controller level services we’re delivering now,” says Brook.  “I thank Raquel Carter at for all the great businesses she’s sent my way to help grow my practice,” she adds. is an online, accounting marketplace which matches companies looking for audit, tax and bookkeeping services, with local accountants. In its seventeenth year of operations, GoodAccountants. com is the nation’s largest accountancy referral service and the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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