We’re Offering A $50,000 Minimum First-Year Billings Guarantee With This $17 Million Client

$17 million custom packaging company is outsourcing their bookkeeping and accounting

If you’re open to taking on a 30-year old custom packaging company with 50 employees based in Northern, New Jersey that’s looking to outsource its internal bookkeeping and accounting then here’s your chance to become a member of GoodAccountants.com with a minimum $50,000 first-year billings guarantee. Our client is paying more than $50,000 yearly for their accounting and bookkeeping however we are offering a minimum $50,000 first-year billings guarantee as an additional incentive.

This $17 million dollar, custom packaging company does require one day per week onsite with the rest of the work being done remotely. The engagement includes AR/AP, monthly P&Ls, check book reconciliation along with monthly closeouts. For more information please call 1 (888) 326-9300.

GoodAccountants.com is an online, accounting marketplace which matches companies looking for audit, tax and bookkeeping services, with local accountants. In its sixteenth year of operations, GoodAccountants. com is the nation’s largest accountancy referral service and the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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