Could This Be Your Next Client Along With A $20,000 Guarantee From

Ocean front properties Real Estate Developer is looking for part-time Outsourced Controller to provide oversight to his bookkeeping staff. is offering a $20,000 minimum billings guarantee promotion to accountants in certain geographic areas of the country who purchase an entry-level $5,000 marketing program. presently has various Part-time Outsourced Controller engagements for which it is looking for local accountants to fill.  As a part of the promotion, is guaranteeing a four-to-one return on investment or a $20,000 minimum billing guarantee on these engagements along with many others around the country.

One such engagement is in South Florida with a real estate development company that has constructed more than 1,400 oceanfront properties. In business for more than thirty-years, the business owner is looking for a local accountant to provide oversight to his in-house bookkeeping staff along with providing tax planning, monthly closeouts and year-end taxes. The zip code in which this engagement falls also qualifies it for’s $20,000 minimum billing guarantee although the engagement itself offers accounting fees that exceed this amount.

Another Part-time Outsourced Controller engagement being offered by is a NAPA Automotive Repair Center in McLean County, Illinois paying $48,000 annually. The engagement requires two days per month onsite with the  majority of the work to be done remotely from the accountant’s office.

If you have an interest in learning more about these engagements as well as many others around the country please call 1 (888) 326-9300. is an online accounting marketplace which matches business owners and individual taxpayers with local accountants. In its fifteenth year of operations the company has become the U.S. Accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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