Chris Johnson Closes On $48,000 Client Within 24 Hours After Saying Yes To GA’s Email Promotion

Chris Johnson gets $48,000 yearly client within 24 hours from $5,000 marketing investment

Chris Johnson is a Certified Public Accountant with an office in LaGrange, Kentucky, a small town just outside of Louisville.  According to Chris, it was on Monday, October 2nd he received an email promotion from which offered him $20,000 in client billings for a $5,000 marketing investment. Within minutes of opening that email, Chris received a telephone call from Jennifer Fialos, a Business Consultant with The telephone call was no coincidence because when Chris clicked on the email promotion signifying his interest to learn more, Jennifer was electronically alerted by his response. But even in an age of Twitter, Uber and, who would suspect that Chris’ decision to simply click on that email would result in him landing a $48,000 outsourced CFO engagement the very next day.

“This is how business is done in today’s digital world, ” says Fialos. “When you have an $18 million dollar electrical contracting company that want to outsource their internal accounting work to a local accountant and they have a need to meet with someone right away, you don’t have the luxury of time,” she explains.  “Because Chris responded quickly to our email promotion and was able to meet with my client the very next day he will add as much as an extra $4,000 a month in cash flow to his practice,” says Fialos.

As it turns out, had been looking for accountants in LaGrange, Kentucky and the surrounding area to provide audits, bookkeeping and outsourced CFO consultancies to its website users that are predominantly small to mid-size companies which seek these services.  In an effort to expand the number of accountants in rural areas where there is a growing online demand for business-related, accounting services, has recently initiated a number of marketing promotions that are primarily aimed at small town accountants.  A recent promotion guaranteed as much as $100,000 in new client billings to accountants in certain geographic areas who used their American Express card to purchase a $25,000 marketing program from is an online accounting marketplace which matches business owners with local accountants. In its sixteenth year of operation the company has become the U.S. Accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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