Accountants Who Are Landing Six-Figure Clients From

$35 million emergency room physicians group has retained CPA Mike Noll for $90,000 per year

What do Mike Noll, Thomas Gillespie, Benjamin Christy, Tom Case, Larry Vollaro, Michael Grossbach and Bart Fooden all have in common other than the fact they’re members of The answer is all of them have recently retained a six-figure or near six-figure client from, the nation’s largest accounting referral service.

Mike Noll, a Certified Public Accountant based in Pasadena, California has retained a $90,000 yearly client from  Noll retained the $35 million emergency room physicians group only one week after a meeting was established by Al Chisolm, a Senior Business Consultant with  Considering the fact that accounting industry statistics say accountants keep their clients for an average seven-year period, this one client could potentially pay as much as $630,000 or more in billings to Noll’s practice in exchange for his twenty-five thousand dollar investment with

Benjamin Christy, a Certified Public Accountant based in Dallas, Texas has recently retained a $82,000 yearly client from  The engagement is with a 30-year old, $20 million railroad equipment manufacturing company whom Christy says is now his largest client.  The referral was made by Richard Shankle, who is also a Senior Business Consultant with

Thomas Gillespie, a Certified Public Accountant based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has also recently retained a $55,000 yearly Outsourced Controllership engagement from  The engagement is with a non-profit organization referred by Stephen Mack, also a Senior Business Consultant with  Like Noll, Gillespie was retained within a week after meeting with the Treasurer of the organization. Should they stay with Gillespie for the same 10-year period during which the organization was with their former accountants, the billings for this engagement could exceed $500,000.

Only three days after meeting with the owners, Tom Case retained a $5 million web design company for $42,000 per year. Case, a Certified Public Accountant based in Anaheim, California, was paired with his new clients by Raquel Carter, also a Senior Business Consultant with

Michael Grossbach, an Enrolled Agent (EA) based in Westchester County, New York signed three new clients during this past tax season which were referred to him by .  All three clients were signed within weeks of each other; two at $20,000 per year in billings and the most recent, a Manhattan, New York osteopathic and pain management clinic, was retained on April 28th for $30,000 in yearly billings.

Equally impressive client retentions and billings for Benjamin Christy, Larry Vollaro, Bart Fooden and many others can be found here at The fact is, accountants all over the country are landing very substantial clients from is an online, year-round, accounting marketplace which matches business owners and individual tax payers with local accountants. The company has been in business for more than 15 years and has several thousand accounting firms of varying sizes in its nationwide network. Its continued rapid growth has made it the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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