What Would An Extra $75,000 Every Year Do For Your Accounting Practice?

Ask Certified Public Accountant,Thomas Crayton, what an extra $75,000 yearly in additional client billings means to his accounting practice and he will tell you in no uncertain terms how important earning an additional $75,000 each year is to him. Based in Stafford, Texas, Crayton actually collects an additional $120,000 each year from clients he’s obtained from GoodAccountants.com, the fastest growing online accounting network in the country.  The $120,000 he collects each year in additional billing, does not include the $368,000 he has already collected from clients he’s obtained from GoodAccountants.com since September 7, 2011. [read more]

Good News! We’ve extended our 3 to 1 Holiday Offer for a very limited time, which guarantees $75,000 in additional billing to your accounting practice.

  • Purchase our $25,000 DSP marketing program while this limited offer lasts and get a 3 to 1 guarantee of $75,000 in first-year client billings instead of the normal 2 to 1 return of $50,000 in first-year client billings.

Thomas Crayton now collects $120,000 yearly in recurring billings from clients he has obtained from GoodAcccountants.com’s 2-1 marketing program.

Ray and Carmela Passero are approaching $100,000 in yearly billing from clients they’ve retained from GoodAccountants.com’s 2-1 marketing program.

Raymond Passero, a Certified Public Accountant based in Tarrytown, New York now collects more than $80,000 a year from clients he and his wife, Carmela have acquired from GoodAccountants.com. [read more]

  • Purchase our $25,000 Designated Service Provider (DSP) Marketing Program and we’ll give you a triple your money guarantee of $75,000 in first-year client billings.
  • Purchase our $5,000 Intermediate Marketing Program and we’ll give you a double your money guarantee of $10,000 in first-year client billings.

*This special Holiday Offer is only available to a limited number of respondents located in designated geographic areas (speak to your GoodAccountants.com Representative to see if you qualify.)  Call 1 (888) 326-9300 or 1 (516) 325-1688

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