Increase Your Annual Billings By $300,000

plan_overlayIncreasing your practice billings by hundreds of thousands of dollars may not be as difficult as you think. If you have capacity to add small business clients to your accounting practice and confidence in your ability to close new business, then you might want to take a closer look at

The company matches small business clients paying accounting fees ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 annually with accounting professionals who are members of its nationwide network. In return, participating accountants pay a $5,000 membership fee to join GoodAccountants and begin receiving client referrals. Using this business model, has become the nation’s largest accountancy referral service as well as the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

The lucrative, multi-layered return on their initial $5,000 investment allow member accountants to move up quickly into the company’s $25,000 marketing program where they’re automatically guaranteed $50,000 in billings or a 2 to 1 return on every dollar they spend in marketing fees with

Thomas Crayton, a Certified Public Accountant who joined GoodAccountants on September 7, 2011 with a $5,000 initial investment, has since collected $248,000 in cash from clients referred to him by According to Crayton, the total monies he will collect by the end of this year from his GA referred clients will increase to $368,000 for which he has paid a total of $110,000 in marketing fees to date.  Crayton’s $368,000 in collections represents more than a three-times return on his total investment with which has been achieved in little over a 3 year period. ‘The reality is Thomas Crayton will continue to collect accounting fees for another ten years or more from the clients we referred to him three years ago so his numbers are still growing,” says Johanna Laurent, President of

Thomas Crayton is among an impressive list of accountants nationwide that earn six-figure, recurring billings each year from clients that have been referred to them by For more information about other member accountants like Thomas Crayton please click here. also offers financing to accounting professionals who prefer to finance their membership fee. For more information about financing please click here.

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