Accountant’s $5,000 Investment Could Return As Much As $250,000

thomasfontesThomas Fontes, who operates a very successful, accounting practice with offices in Louisiana and California, says he could earn as much as $250,000 over the next five years from a single client he has retained from a $5,000 investment with

On September 12th Fontes received a telephone call from Richard Shankle, a business consultant with, regarding a $3 million furniture import business with fifteen employees that wanted to outsource all of their internal accounting and bookkeeping functions to a local accountant.

Fontes had never heard of and was somewhat skeptical about whether or not such a client actually existed and certainly was not excited about having to pay $5,000 upfront for what he perceived to be nothing more than buying a lead from a business broker. “What made them different was they already had the client in hand, a pretty attractive client at that and they seemed to know what they were talking about,” says Fontes. “I got on board with them two days later and they set up the meeting with the furniture importer a few days after that,” explains Fontes. “I walked out of that meeting with the owner’s commitment to advance us a $3,000 retainer check and they hired us on the spot,” says Fontes. “In essence, in less than a week, I had back almost all of the money I had laid out for the $5,000 membership fee along with a six-figure client that I will keep for many years to come,” explains Fontes.

Little did Fontes expect that within ninety days of becoming a member of’s nationwide network of accountants, that not only would he engage the furniture importer as a client but he would go on to put a total of $29,750.00 in cash into his bank account from several clients he would receive from

“We only contact accountants when we have a substantial client in hand because we do not work on contingency,” explains Johanna Laurent, President of “When companies retain our services to find an accountant for them, they’re expecting us to refer someone that’s been fully vetted, can provide the services they need performed and that we stand behind one-hundred percent in the event that something goes wrong,” says Laurent. “This is why we only work on a membership basis, where the accountant must first become a member of our national network,” she adds. “This sometimes presents a problem because some accountants ask why must they join our organization first, prior to us establishing a meeting for them with a local company we may be calling them about,” explains Laurent. “What they don’t understand is we just can’t send them in to meet our clients unless they are a member of,” she adds. is the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator and attracts millions of business owners and individuals who search online for accountants at its website. For more information on how to become a member of call 1 (855) 252-2079 or click here.

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