Accountant Borrows $5,000 To Get $30,000 Per Year Medical Group

medicLeona Ryan says although she didn’t have the five-thousand dollars to purchase a GA Membership, she was still determined to meet with the medical group that was being offered to her by  The highly prestigious medical group, comprised of eight physicians and twenty-eight employees, with locations throughout Brooklyn, New York was offering to pay $30,000 in recurring annual billings to the accountant that would refer to them.

After obtaining a $5,000 dollar loan to purchase her membership with, Ryan would meet with the physicians group and retain them for her practice as a $30,000 yearly client.  “What we were able to do for Leona Ryan is a game-changer for sole practitioner accountants and small accounting firms that do not have the cash flow that is necessary to grow their practice,” says Johanna Laurent, President of  Laurent who has recently launched a new website called AccountantsFunding is now offering financing to any accountant who wishes to join, the fastest growing online accounting service in the United States.

Accountants can now take advantage of financing which will allow them to pay as little as $99 per month while they build their accounting practice with new clients that offer recurring yearly billings. “If you’ve been contemplating joining we’re making it very easy for you to get started as a member of our network,” says Laurent.

Accountants who wish to grow their practice through marketing or by purchasing other accounting practices can apply for financing online at AccountantsFunding and get a same day decision which is often rendered within minutes. All loans are unsecured without a prepayment penalty and with monthly remittances.

For more information on how you can build your accounting practice by taking advantage of financing opportunities call 1 (855) 252-2079 or click here.

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