Accountant Engages $36,000 In Yearly Billings With First Two Clients From

georgekalish-featureGeorge Kalish, a Certified Public Accountant based in Springfield, New Jersey was first contacted by on August 22, 2008. “Al Chisolm from called me up out of the blue and told me he had a fellow that owned a real estate development company along with two construction companies that he was looking to match with a local accountant,” says Kalish. At the time, with the economy reeling from the biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression, Kalish would have to take a pass, due to personal issues. It would be another three years before Kalish would be contacted again by

Kalish would finally plunk down his $5,000 membership fee to join on September 22nd 2011, after receiving a call about a $15 million software development company in Princeton, New Jersey. After arranged for Kalish to meet with the owners of the company, it would become his first client with billings of $2,000 per month.

Unfortunately, the time commitment required to service the company would prove too much for Kalish and after three months he would advise them to make an internal hire to replace him. After parting ways with the software company, Kalish would then decide to upgrade his membership with to its $25,000 Designated Service Provider (DSP) marketing program. His next appointment was with a $10 million construction company based in Saddlebrook, New Jersey which has become a $30,000 yearly client for him. “In summarizing all of my activities from the various clients, since I started with I believe I should be billing to date about $40,000,” says Kalish.

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