CPA Engages Ninety-Four Thousand Dollars In Recurring Billings In Six Months From

Susan Haase, a certified public accountant, who runs an accounting practice based in San Francisco’s Bay area, says she has booked ninety-four thousand dollars in recurring engagements, from clients that were referred to her over the past six months, by

A CPA since 1993, Haase started her practice in 2001 and then relocated in 2006 to San Francisco, California. Haase now has ten employees in two locations, in San Francisco and San Diego. “I first came into contact with five years ago in 2008 and in a very short time I added seventy-five thousand dollars in revenue to my accounting practice from clients they referred to me back then,” says Haase.

Last summer, Haase decided to renew her membership with and has since added an additional ninety-four thousand dollars in client billings to her practice over a six-month period.

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Among the engagements retained by Haase through her membership are a not-for-profit audit for six-thousand dollars, an outside CFO job for a small biotech company at twenty-four thousand dollars per year and a large corporate audit for twenty-five thousand dollars. A bookkeeping, back-office engagement for twenty-six thousand dollars per year along with another thirteen thousand dollar, not-for profit audit which rounds out the roster of clients she has received from within the past six-months.

The real story, says Haase, is  the residual income she will earn for years to come from the clients she has engaged from  Accountants retain their clients for an average period of seven-years which will result in almost $700,000 in additional earnings for Haase. “The substantial back-end, residual, earnings that our member accountants are experiencing while also enjoying a two-to-one guaranteed return on their initial investment, proves that our marketing platform is the best way to build an accounting practice bar none,” says Johanna Laurent, President of

Notwithstanding, as a result of the success that accountants like Susan Haase are experiencing by using‘s unique advertising platform to market their practice, the company is moving away from two-to-one first year’s billing guarantees which it presently offers its members.  “We will soon announce “one-to-one” guaranteed billings, which means for every dollar accountants spend with us to advertise for them, we will guarantee one dollar in first-year’s, annualized billings from the clients we deliver to them,” explains Laurent.  “It’s still a “no-risk” sure fire way to build an accounting practice but more importantly we’re also making financing options available for our member accountants so they will no longer have to pay any upfront or out-of-pocket costs to participate with us,” adds Laurent.

A financing option for U.S. accounting firms that wish to grow their clientele will undoubtedly become a game changer for the industry.  Thousands of small accounting firms across the country that face limited cash flow challenges, which impede their ability to attract new clients, will soon be able to benefit from television and radio advertisements as well as other marketing platforms that are offered by “Financing will allow small accounting firms to spread their marketing and advertising costs over a period of years while they build their base of clients upfront,” says Laurent.  “The implications for a financing option which allows accountants to engage new clients without having to pay for them upfront is earth moving,” she adds.

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This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst

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