With Guaranteed Billing What Are Accountants Really Risking When They Join GoodAccountants.com?

Certified Public Accountant, Joe Hodakowski says not only has he gotten back all of the money he has invested in marketing his accounting practice through GoodAccountants.com, he now also has an extra $35,000 in recurring, annual billings from the clients he has obtained.

The central New Jersey based accountant is among a growing contingent of accounting professionals nationwide who have chosen advertising through GoodAccountants.com as the primary way they are growing their practice. His immediate goal is to reach a total of $75,000 to $100,000 in new billings each year from GoodAccountants, says Hodakowski, who believes the residual income component offered by the fastest growing online accounting service is the real value to his practice. “You can spend a lot of time going to networking groups and meeting people who are taking up your time but are not really looking to engage an accountant because they’re happy with who they have or they’re not ready to make a change,” says Hodakowski. “What’s great about GoodAccountants.com is the people they send me are looking for an accountant, they’re looking to make a change and I don’t have to spend my time networking anymore,” he explains. “They send me qualified people who are looking for accounting services and are ready to engage me,” adds Hodakowski.

“For sole practitioners and small accounting practices we offer the most profitable way to grow,” says Johanna Laurent, President of GoodAccountants.com. “With an initial investment of $5,000 we’re able to provide them clients paying as much as $15,000 to $20,000 in recurring annual billings, which is an awesome return on investment,” explains Laurent.

The risk for the accountant is the length of time it may take to achieve such earnings. The company offers an unconditional guarantee that it will continue advertising for a member accountant until that accountant achieves billings equal to or are greater than the membership fee they pay GoodAccountants.com . Some accountants come away from their very first appointment with a client that will pay them multiples of what they may have paid GoodAccountants for their membership fee, whereas other accountants may require more than a dozen referrals before they land their first client. “No it’s not the same for every accountant,” says Laurent. “Low online traffic areas as well as other factors can impact the time it takes for an ad campaign to reach profitability,” she explains. “But if the accountant is committed to the marketing process just as we are, then we can help them grow,” she adds.

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst.

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