High Fashion Designer Selects Accountant Referred By GoodAccountants.com

When a New York City high-fashion designer and retailer turned to the Senior Core Of Retired Executives (SCORE) for the name of an accounting firm with extensive knowledge in retail distribution, he was told to contact GoodAccountants.com.

The owner of a five store retail outlet with locations sprinkled across Manhattan was pleasantly surprised when the nation’s largest accountancy referral service arranged a face-to-face for him to meet with Mike Hassanali, the managing partner of M. Hassanali CPA LLC, a boutique accounting firm that specializes in retail distribution.

Hassanali says he’s grateful to GoodAccountants.com for referring such a wonderful client to his accounting practice.  “They’re opening up twenty to thirty new stores within the next three or fours years,” states Hassanali as he explains his exuberance about the client he has just landed through GoodAccountants.com.  “We love these kinds of clients,” he adds.  “I always wanted to get quality clients rather than a large quantity of clients and I always wanted to serve those clients to the best of my ability and apply my knowledge to help them take their business where they want it to go,” explains Hassanali.  “We like clients that we can help grow and we also love retail,” he adds. “This is a great fit for us because we can definitely help them grow with our expertise in retail to twenty to thirty new stores within the next three or four years,” he further explains.

Since February of 2012 Hassanali has booked more than $50,000 in annualized billing from three corporate clients that were referred to him by GoodAccountants.com, all within the first six months of joining their nationwide network.

When asked how he would compare purchasing an existing accounting practice to purchasing a membership with GoodAccountants.com, Hassanali says he prefers growing his practice organically through GoodAccountants.com.  “With GoodAccountants.com for a twenty-five thousand dollar investment in advertising with them you’re guaranteed fifty-thousand dollars in billing,” says Hassanali.  “Purchasing an accounting practice has its own risks because you can lose one-third of your investment in the first year as you lose those clients,” he explains.  “I would invest with GoodAccountants.com for twenty-five thousand dollars with a guarantee of fifty thousand dollars rather than purchasing somebody else’s practice at a premium for a bunch of clients I don’t even want or that may not want me,” he adds.  A pending engagement with one of Long Island’s largest supermarket chains referred by GoodAccountants.com could result in an additional six-figure engagement for Hassanali’s accounting practice.

GoodAccountants.com is the fastest growing online accounting service in the country offering accountants access to both corporate and individual taxpayer clients that are actively searching for the right accountant for their business or personal accounting needs. The company has developed a proprietary, patent-pending software that offers users a two to one guaranteed return on their advertising dollars. For more information about purchasing a membership with GoodAccountants.com please click here.

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst.

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