Greek Orthodox Church Selects To Find Their Accountants

Certified Public Accountant, Lisa Janicki says she has retained the Holy Trinity Cathedral Church as a client of her accounting practice as a result of a referral from Constructed in 1932, with Eleanor Roosevelt laying the cornerstone of the church building, the historical structure is the National Cathedral of the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States.

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side at 74th street, the church operates an accredited Kindergarten through 8th grade school with 150 students and a working budget of more than $5 million dollars. “I expect, based on the rapport and based on the matching, I will probably work with this client for the next ten years plus,” says Janicki. “I’m just completely pleased and I believe the client is too as well as the Board of Trustees of the organization which is absolutely ecstatic about the accounting work we are going to be doing for them this year and for the next couple of years and that’s because did such a fine job in matching us and putting together both of our profiles,” she adds. If Janicki is correct in her assessment of the length of time her firm will remain the accountants for the Archdiocese it would mean she will earn in excess of $400,000 from just this one client for her $25,000 investment with

When the Cathedral’s in-house bookkeeper suddenly left, Steve Hantzarides, the institutions’ Director of Administration, found himself left with the task of having to find a replacement although he absolutely had no idea where to begin. So Hantzarides turned to the Internet where the very first result he received from a Google search was none other than “Whoever came up with the name ‘’ was absolutely brilliant because to me it just said it all and I just could not help but reach out to them,” says Hantzarides.

Within minutes of placing his query, Hantzarides received a telephone call from For Hantzarides the telephone call would prove to be the answer to his prayers. “How could we take the $50,000 per year we were paying our internal bookkeeper, add more horsepower by hiring an outside CPA firm and get more robust financial reporting as well as save money in the process which was my directive from the Board,” explains Hantzarides. “ was a great partner in helping us achieve all of the above,” he adds. “I just don’t see us going back to an in-house CPA or in-house bookkeeper ever again which I can’t rationalize or justify the expense because of the experience we’ve had with,” says Hantzarides.

For Certified Public Accountant Lisa Janicki, the referral of Holy Trinity Cathedral from to her firm would result in a great client. Founded in 1891, the Holy Trinity Cathedral Church is the very first Greek Orthodox Church to be built in New York City and is now the seat of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America.

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This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst.

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