John Coggin Says Has Been A Game Changer For His Accounting Practice

Certified Public Accountant, John Coggin, has been a member of, the nation’s largest accounting referral service, for approximately two and a half years since joining on May 12, 2009.  Coggin says although he has yet to land a thirty or forty thousand dollar client, he still maintains that GoodAccountants has been a game changer for his accounting practice.  Notwithstanding, Coggin has been the beneficiary of twenty-nine new small business clients that have been sent to him from over a two and a half year period.  Clients that pay him anywhere from $750.00 to $8,000 annually.  To date, he has realized more than $50,000 in new client billings from his two and a half year affiliation with

Coggin says he doesn’t believe he would have realized the same amount of billings over the same period of time had he relied solely on traditional ways to grow his practice such as through word of mouth.  “It’s difficult to depend on word of mouth to get referrals from existing clients,” says Coggin.

“I actually came in contact with through a telephone call I placed to them after looking on the Internet to hire some people to help me with my firm,” says Coggin.  “While I was looking online I saw one of their advertisements and simply decided to give them a call and I’ve been with them ever since,” he adds.

As more and more accountants are turning to marketing as a way to grow their client base instead of purchasing existing practices from other accountants, has emerged as the leading accountants’ marketing service in the country.  “Our growth is directly related to a realization by accountants that purchasing an existing practice can cost as much as three times the gross billing which can depreciate by more than fifty percent once the practice has changed hands,” says Johanna Laurent, President of  “Why pay three times the value for something that will only decrease in value once you own it, it’s just not good business sense,” adds Laurent.

With investments of $25,000 or more, guarantees accountants a three to one return or $75,000 in billing.  Comparing these kinds of return versus buying a practice it is no wonder that accountants like John Coggin are staying put once they join the ranks of

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst

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