Here’s The Difference Between and other Marketing Firms

Dave Fultz, just like any other red blooded accountant, counts his money twice before he leaves the ATM machine and still wears a belt even though he’s wearing suspenders. So when he received a phone call from offering him a client that sounded too good to be true, he almost hung up the phone.  But luckily Dave did not hang up and now he says there is a huge difference between, the fastest growing online accounting service in the country, from everything else he has tried in the past to grow his practice. “Does it work for everyone, I’m sure it doesn’t because nothing works exactly the same way for everyone,” says Fultz, a Certified Public Accountant with Steger, Gowie & Co., Inc., a boutique accounting firm located in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. “ has worked phenomenally well for us,” says Fultz.

Fultz’s endorsement of is echoed by Eugene Steger who is the managing partner of the firm. “It’s not just a sales pitch or matching a buyer with a seller,” says Steger. “They evaluate the customer’s needs and then they match them up with an accounting firm that can meet those needs or has experience in that particular area of practice,” he explains. “They methodically evaluate the client first, they look at the needs of the client, what the client is looking for and then evaluates that and matches that with one of the accounting firms in their network,” he adds.

When asked about buying other accounting practices to increase his client base Steger maintains is a much better proposition. “When you’re buying practices you’re taking over for another accountant that has either retired, has died, moved away or has decided to leave the practice and many times you’re buying bad habits and you pay a multiple of earnings,” explains Steger. “Usually an accountant will pay three times the annual revenue to acquire a client whereas with it’s at minimum a one-to-one ratio between revenues and my investment,” adds Steger.   After his firm’s initial investment  in a $5,000 membership level with which returned him a $10,000 client Steger immediately upgraded to’s Designated Service Provider (DSP) marketing program for an investment of $25,000 which comes with a guarantee of $75,000 in annualized billing. ” They’re bringing me three times the number of clients that I would normally have to pay for to buy clients from another retiring CPA or accounting practice,” says Steger.

Many accountants agree the guarantee offers them is one of the most important differences that sets them apart from any other Internet marketing company because no one offers a guarantee when you buy advertising. Whether you’re buying a television commercial or a radio spot there is no other company on the planet that will offer you a dollar for dollar minimum guarantee on your investment as does “If you spend $5,000 with them they guarantee they will continue advertising and marketing for you until they get you at least that much in client billings,” says Richard Hayes, an accountant in Orlando, Florida who is also a member of “Once you become a Designated Service Provider (DSP) with they offer you a three-to-one guarantee for every dollar you spend in advertising with them,” adds Hayes. “For $25,000 they guarantee $75,000 in yearly billings from the clients they refer to me,” says Hayes.

For more information about Designated Service Provider (DSP) marketing programs offered by call 1(800) 505-7861 or click here.

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst.

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