Accountants Complaining About has just released its latest version of GA Access 3.0 which now integrates a ‘click to call’ button that allows its website users nationwide to connect with an accountant within seconds to ask a question or book an appointment. The tool has added another dimension to the company’s efforts to convert passive web-surfers into real ‘live’ paying customers for its nationwide network of accountants. “The only complaint we’ve heard so far from some of our members about this new tool is what took us so long to implement this feature,” says Johanna Laurent, President of “It’s an awesome tool and it’s already showing results in terms of connecting business owners who come to our website with accountants who are in our network,” adds Laurent.

What has done is strategically placed a powerful ‘call to action’ right under the noses of their website users which prompts them to reach out and touch an accountant during those moments when they’re most seriously thinking about engaging the services of an accounting professional. “We find that business owners can sometimes be very impulsive particularly after experiencing a bad day that perhaps culminates with them having to write a check to the IRS which they may not have anticipated writing,” says Laurent. “That’s generally the time they’re blaming their accountant for a lack of tax planning and may feel the need to get a second opinion and our ‘click to call’ button is right there in front of them, helping them make that decision to contact one of our guys,” explains Laurent. is the nation’s largest accountancy referral service dedicated to helping business owners and individual tax payers find the right accounting professional for their business and or personal needs. The company has thousands of accountants nationwide that comprise their network of service providers whom they match with business owners and individual tax payers that frequent the website. GA Access is a suite of software tools developed by to assist accountants with building their client base primarily with business owners and individual taxpayers that utilize the Internet in their search for local accountants.

By simply logging into GA Access with a unique user name and password, member accountants are able to view and retrieve leads in real time that are assigned to them from’s website. With this new ‘click to call’ feature, website users can now contact the accountant directly without having to go through a customer service representative. The GA Access system captures the name and telephone number of each caller and saves the information within the accountant’s call log allowing a call back to the website user at a time that is convenient for the accountant. also develops a profile page for each of its member accountants which features a photograph of the accountant, travel directions to the accountant’s office, a link to the accountant’s website and even accommodates video presentations that feature the accountant and highlights services and areas of expertise. “We promote our accountants’ profile pages all across the Internet to attract more business for them that is independent of our direct marketing efforts,” says Laurent. “In most cases, the Profile Page we build for our accountants will rank higher than the accountant’s own website so that when someone types in the accountant’s name at almost any search engine their Profile Page will be the very first result.” explains Laurent. Among the tools that offers its member accountants is “geo-targeting” which aids the company with zoning in on an accountant’s zip code to effectively find audit and tax clients. For more information about and GA Access go here.

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst

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