David Love, CPA Says He Loves GoodAccountants.com

David Love is a certified public accountant whose practice is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Three years ago he became a member of GoodAccountants.com,  the nation’s largest accountancy referral service and has continued to use GoodAccountants ongoing as the primary source for generating new clients for his practice.  Now a staunch believer in Internet marketing, Love says ten years ago the accounting industry was a very different world because most accountants relied almost entirely on ‘word of mouth’ as the most cost-effective way to grow their practice.  According to Love, there was no real need for accountants to advertise because people weren’t so driven to the Internet to find professional service providers as they are today.  However the Internet along with present economic realities have completely changed the landscape of the accounting industry and like other businesses, accountants too must now advertise to stay competitive and to keep attracting new clients to replace the ones they have lost as a result of the downturn in the economy.

The real question for most accountants remains how exactly should they approach Internet marketing where the cost to effectively advertise can run into tens of thousands of dollars each month.  According to Love, the answer for him has been GoodAccountants.com.  “I have realized between $30,000 and $35,000 in yearly, recurring billings from GoodAccountants.com,” says Love.  “My experience as far as the quality of clients I’ve received from GoodAccountants.com has been excellent and these are people who legitimately need a good accountant and are not folks who are just price shopping,” he adds.  Although Love says he has used other forms of marketing to produce leads for his accounting practice he acknowledges that GoodAccountants.com is uniquely positioned to help accountants build their practice.  “There’s nothing to figure out,” says Love, referring to the turn-key system that GoodAccountants.com provides accountants nationwide through a highly sophisticated marketing platform that taps directly into all the major search engines.

Starting out with one of the company’s intermediate $5,000 marketing programs Love has recently upgraded his membership to become a Designated Service Provider which required him to invest $25,000 for which he received a $75,000 billings guarantee from GoodAccountants.com.  “GoodAccountants is perfect because there is so much Internet use now and the concept of somebody going to Google or Yahoo and typing in ‘I need a good accountant’ and up comes GoodAccountants.com, I think it’s very unique marketing that they’ve come up with and I don’t think there’s anything like it,” says Love.

Although GA only offers a 3 to 1 guaranteed return on investment (ROI) on its Designated Service Provider marketing programs it does however offer a standard guarantee to every accountant who joins their nationwide network which states GA will keep advertising on behalf of the accountant until such time they have recovered their initial investment from billings to companies they retain from GA’s marketing efforts.  In effect GoodAccountants.com has eliminated the risk of loss for every accountant who wishes to enter the field of Internet marketing.

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst

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