Roger Bennett Earns $25,000 in Billings with

Roger Bennett vividly recalls the day he received a phone call about a church that was looking for an accountant to do their accounting work and how puzzled he was by the fact the person contacting him was calling from Lynbrook, New York while the church was located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  “I first came in contact with through a cold call,” says Bennett.  “I picked up the phone and there was a person on the other end,” he explains.  Although calls like this are routinely screened out by his receptionist there was something about the person on the other end that made Bennett feel comfortable so he continued to listen and in little more than fifteen minutes had committed to spend $5,000 to become a member of, a decision that has proven to be extremely prudent.  Bennett has since booked $25,000 in annualized billings from clients, referred to him within months of becoming a member of the nation’s largest accountancy referral service, in exchange for his $5,000 investment.

In hindsight says Bennett it makes sense that a house of worship located in southern Connecticut would contact to find an accountant for them just as much as it makes sense to companies all across the country when they go to any major search engine and type in the phrase; I need a good accountant and the first result that comes up for them is

The reality is everyone looking for an accountant is ultimately searching for the same thing; a reliable, trusted source that can point them in the right direction in an industry that is highly fragmented.   Given the fact that accounting services can vary dramatically from one service provider to another then why not look to a central authority so to speak that can help guide you through the maze of accounting practitioners that are out there to one that can deliver the highest quality of service.  This is exactly what does for business owners and individual taxpayers all over the country no matter where they may be located.   What’s most compelling about their service is they provide real ‘live’ business consultants that work directly with the business owner throughout the entire process until they have engaged the accountant that is most suited to their business and they do it at absolutely no cost to the client.  Although they’re headquartered in New York their services are internet based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a cell phone or computer.  For business owners and individual taxpayers alike the results are amazingly rewarding; a referral to a local, qualified accounting professional who understands their business and can hit the ground running.

Roger Bennett is definitely a qualified and seasoned accounting professional having started his career with Deloitte & Touche and then operating his own practice for more than 24 years.  As a result of his success with, Bennett has upgraded to one of the company’s $25,000 marketing programs which guarantees him a $75,000 return on investment.  The fact is Bennett already has a pending $12,000 audit engagement with a franchisor, also referred to him by , which franchises investigative services for insurance companies.  The question put to Johanna Laurent, President of is can her company deliver this level of success to every accountant who joins her organization.  Laurent’s reply was the level of success that a particular member accountant will enjoy will vary from one accountant to another depending on a number of variables. “Sometimes we hit a brick wall and no matter how much advertising we do in certain geographical areas we do not achieve the exact same level of success as we do in other parts of the country,” says Laurent.  The one thing however accountants can rely upon is the iron clad guarantee that offers its members which is to continue marketing for them until such time they have at least recovered their initial investment.

“What’s most rewarding for me is when we get phone calls from business owners all over the country asking if their accountant is a member of our network,” says Laurent.  “This means they see us as an official clearing house for accountants,” she explains.  “As long as this holds true the accountants in our network have little to worry about unlike the ones who aren’t,” adds Laurent.

This article was written by Omar Reed, a freelance business writer and financial analyst

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