Why Five Thousand Dollars For GoodAccountants.com Membership? Here’s Why.

Matt Brady is a certified public accountant based in Bowie, Maryland who says his $5,000 dollar investment in a GoodAccountants.com membership has returned him $15,000 dollars in annual billings from clients that have been referred to him over a three month period. When asked how he now feels about becoming a member of the nation’s largest accountancy referral network he replied that had he known a year ago a $5,000 dollar investment would bring him a return of $15,000 to $20,000 dollars in annualized billings he would have done it every day of the week and twice on Sunday. “You’ve got to realize that year after year these clients are going to stay with you which generates a new round of billings each year,” says Brady which means his initial $5,000 dollar investment could ultimately mushroom into hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

It’s not just the fantastic return that Brady has received on his initial investment that has caused him to fall in love with GoodAccountants.com and has him truly excited about the future but it’s all of the marketing tools and support the company now provides the accountants who are members of its nationwide network.  “Where can you get a website as effective as theirs handed to you on a silver platter along with six months of SEO services for only $5,000 dollars and with a guarantee that you’ll get back annualized billings from the clients they find for you that at a minimum will be equal to your investment,” quips Brady.  Can any of us do all of what they do working with only $500 dollars or some nominal amount spread out over a six-month period?  The answer is no.  Given the cost of advertising on the Internet today along with the expertise that is required to make the advertising work in delivering the kind of clients they’re delivering would undoubtedly cost the average accountant far more than $5,000 dollars,” adds Brady.

“I’ve heard from people that they think $5,000 dollars is too significant an investment to make for a lead generation type marketing campaign and that for just a few hundred dollars they can get the same results, and when they say that, maybe that’s possible however I find it very unlikely,” says Brady. “By the quality of the GoodAccountants.com website, their practitioner tools that we can access and the various websites that they advertise on it seems to me that a good amount of my investment is being returned right back into their efforts on my behalf,” says Brady.  The message that Matt Brady is trying to get across to other accountants who have yet to discover GoodAccountants.com is you cannot pinch pennies when it comes to growing your accounting practice and expect to land great clients paying large fees.  “You only get back what you put in,” says Brady.

GoodAccountants.com now provides its member accountants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to prospective clients that are generated directly from the GoodAccountants.com website.  The company has developed a free add-on to its marketing program that offers member accountants direct, round-the-clock access to leads that are being generated in ‘real-time’ from the GoodAccountants.com website itself.  “We have somewhat automated our referral process so that when a website user submits a request to us for a referral to an accountant in their local area their request is sent by our website directly to one of our member accountants within 15 seconds,” says Johanna Laurent, President of GoodAccountants.com.  The new feature described by Laurent dubbed ‘GA Access’ essentially generates automated phone calls to member accountants alerting them that a new lead has just been routed to their GA Access In-Box which is accessible to the accountant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The entire process virtually requires no human intervention from GA’s customer service department and quickly puts the accountant together with the prospective client within seconds even before the client or website user has logged off their computer.  The automated phone call is then followed by a text message that is sent to the accountant’s mobile device along with an accompanying email which prompts the accountant to immediately call the prospective client.  “This new feature facilitates a fast and direct response from an accountant within minutes of a website user submitting their request for assistance to us and this has resulted in a spike in the conversion rate for the accountants participating in our national network,” says Laurent.

“In addition, the website user is provided a profile page by email, that is sent to them within seconds after their request for assistance is submitted to our website, which highlights the accountant’s services, street address and travel directions along with a YouTube video that features the accountant,” explains Laurent.   “All of this is provided free of charge to every accountant across the country that is a member of the GoodAccountants.com network,” she adds.

Who could have imagined 10 years ago that when someone would need to find a dentist, a lawyer or an accountant they would boot up their computer instead of reach for a telephone book?  The fact is people no longer use telephone books to find what they’re looking for but instead turn to the Internet where they can actually get to see and hear from that accountant in a video on YouTube.  How awesome is that?  It certainly beats having to plow through lists of non-descript names and telephone numbers in a phone book which in today’s lightning fast, internet-age is far too much work.  Instead, companies and individuals alike are turning to GoodAccountants.com to research and find their accountant and even schedule the initial meet and greet for them.

“In the last couple of months I’ve retained three what I would consider to be large clients from GoodAccountants.com. I’ve retained a title and tag service company that does annual revenues close to $3 million dollars a year and I’ve retained a daycare and elementary private school that also does revenues between $2 and $3 million dollars and I’ve retained a private clinical evaluator that has some personal and corporate tax needs,” says Matt Brady.  “I believe an accounting firm is no different than any other business out there and needs to make a commitment financially to a marketing campaign to help further their business. I think GoodAccountants.com does a really good job of making a serious effort to market on my behalf and to bring me as many qualified leads as possible and anyone who says otherwise is obviously misinformed,” says Brady.

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