Wendroff & Associates, LLC Embraces Internet Marketing

Wendroff & Associates LLC, a full service CPA firm based in Arlington, Virginia with more than 60 years of combined experience represents a new wave of accounting firms that rely heavily on Internet marketing as a way to attract new clients and reach new markets.   Among a growing number of accounting firms that employ a Director of Communications, a position that would have been non-existent in earlier times due to  old school conservatism that relegated accountants to pursuing new clients strictly by word of mouth, Wendroff & Associates embraces cutting edge technology as a part of its overall marketing strategy.

Wendroff & Associates, LLC also has offices in San Diego, California where it employs fifteen accountants with a combined 100 plus years of accounting experience.  The firm is so highly technologically based that it provides monthly webinars for its clients who benefit from a corporate philosophy that engenders extremely proactive outreach.  Wendroff & Associates also offers outsource bookkeeping as an alternative way to lower their client’s accounting costs.

With the emergence of firms such as Wendroff & Associates, LLC the accounting profession is rapidly undergoing dramatic change despite the fact that accountants in general are still regarded by most marketing specialists as being fifty years behind the times when compared to other professionals such as lawyers, doctors and dentists who rely heavily on advertising and marketing.  Darren Wendroff who serves as the firm’s Communications and Marketing Director says his firm has been quite happy with the level of client referrals it has received from  GoodAccountants.com since joining the nation’s largest accountancy referral service earlier this year.   “Since we’ve joined GoodAccountants.com we’ve received more than fifteen referrals that have ranged anywhere from $1,000 dollar individual clients to $30,000 dollar annual billings for business clients and they’ve also  been very good about  meeting our criteria for what we were looking for in the way of a client,” says Darren.

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