Twelfth Largest Accounting Firm Joins

pop-playWhen one of the world’s largest seafood companies retained to find new accountants that could replace the Big Four accounting firm whose services they had been using the search would require the careful vetting of a number of large regional accounting firms.   With sales of more than $300 million and operations in the United States and Canada, the world-wide seafood distributor would require to identify a firm that could provide the same level of professional services as a Big Four accounting firm including having an international reach while also having a capability of maintaining a more personalized relationship than most large accounting firms are capable of providing.

“Our client had told us they were paying in excess of $700,000 annually in accounting fees but felt they were just not getting the service,” says Johanna Laurent, President of  “I immediately assembled our top people and we began very intensely researching all of the large accounting firms in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area that we felt could provide our client the highest level of service and it was Amper, Politziner and Mattia, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants who kept coming up for us,” adds Laurent.

Ranked by Crain’s as the twelfth largest accounting firm in the New York regional area, Amper, Politziner and Mattia is one of the fastest growing accounting firms in the country.   With more than $120 million in revenues and 600 employees, Amper’s chairman Phil Politziner is quick to point out that his firm has grown organically which is a direct result of its ability to attract top talent and deliver an array of key accounting services to its clients among whom are some of the nation’s largest corporations.  Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey the firm has offices throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and is a prominent member of Baker Tilly International a professional network of 147 accounting firms in 104 countries throughout the world.  Amper, Politziner Mattia is also one of the top audit firms in the country and provides audit services to private and public corporations of all sizes.  The firm also services a long list of not-for-profit organizations and is the only accounting firm in the history of the state of New Jersey to guide a major hospital out of bankruptcy.

“I believe one of Amper’s greatest assets is their chairman, Phil Politziner,” says Johanna Laurent.  “Phil has an amazingly friendly personality and his smile is disarming and more than anything he engages as well as relaxes people which is a powerful attribute to have when you’re first meeting a potential client,” adds Laurent.  “When we obtained feedback from our client after their meeting with Phil and his team they told us Phil’s first question to them was ‘how can we help you?’ which meant a lot to them,” she adds.    “I’m very comfortable referring Phil and the folks at Amper to our clients because personality sometimes is a big factor in the equation when a client is considering retaining the accountants that will guide them through the myriad of tax and accounting issues that affect their business,” says Laurent.

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