Now Provides Accountants Direct Online Access To Its Clients

asdfghOn October 1, 2009 will officially launch “GA Access” a designated area within its website designed to give accountants direct access to thousands of companies and individuals that use in their pursuit to find an accountant to service their business or personal needs. Through the use of a unique username and password, accountants will be able to plug directly into the company’s database and review the profiles of local companies and individuals that are requesting a referral to an accountant. Not only are participating accountants able to view profiles of prospective clients before meeting with them they get to see the prospective client’s profile in “real time” just as the request for an accountant is being generated online.

Accountants can respond to a particular business owner’s request for assistance within minutes of the request being made at’s website. After logging into the Admin Panel to review a referral sent to their mobile device or computer the accountant then directly contacts the business owner or individual by phone, sets up an appointment and subsequently meets and greets the client, but only after making the decision to do so. Participating accountants are notified by telephone, email or text message each time a new referral is downloaded to their computer or mobile device from’s website. The new system will also allow accountants to decline a meeting with a prospective client in those cases where a particular company’s profile may not be suitable for the accountant.

The cost of the program is a semi-annual fee of $5,000 for unlimited access (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to prospective clients who use search engines to find their accountant. As the nation’s leading accountancy referral service 3 out of 4 internet queries for an accountant that are generated by search engines such as Google or Yahoo are resulting with which subsequently needs to push the referral “out the door” as quickly as possible to a local accountant or accounting firm that can deliver the services.

“This new program allows us to get referrals out the door within minutes of a business owner logging onto our website and requesting a referral to an accountant,” says Johanna Laurent,’s Chief Executive Officer. “The integrity of our screening process will not be compromised by this new system because the accountant can decline a referral for any reason or request a phone call from a live business consultant to obtain more information before making a final decision about a particular lead,” Laurent adds. We love it because we can now make referrals in ‘real time’ before the lead gets cold,” says Laurent.

The GA Access login panel is constantly accessible to accountants directly from the Home Page through a link entitled “Accountants Click Here” which has also become a portal for viewing the company’s newly launched ‘reality television show’ which features stories about both the accountants and business owners who come together at The first episode which began airing on September 17th highlights Ray Nowicki a Certified Public Accountant based in Buffalo, New York whose first referral from resulted in a $26,000 monthly client along with second referral to a company whose annualized billings exceeded $100,000. To watch this episode now click here.

This article was written by David Samuels a freelance business columnist and financial planner

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