Spotlight on Four Good Accountants

The current episode of GA Access begins documenting the experiences of four accountants located in various cities across the country that have been selected from among the ranks of accountants nationwide who are members of Over the next twenty-six weeks various episodes of GA Access will focus on the day to day experiences of these “good accountants” along with the clients they obtain from

GA Access, the internet-based reality television show was developed by, the nation’s largest accountancy referral service to help demystify the company’s marketing and referral process. “The current economy has cost many accountants some of their best clients that have fallen victim to tightening credit markets and the sharp decline in construction and real estate development,” says Johanna Laurent, President of “Today accountants are more willing to market themselves in order to replace clients lost as a result of a bad economy or to attrition,” she adds. offers accountants who may be sole-practitioners right up to large accounting firms a high-tech, one-stop solution to finding quality clients. Accountants who may be considering using the services of a professional marketing firm can now take advantage of a special 10 day offer that guarantees a two to one return on investment provided their membership with has been activated within the next 10 days ending on December 31, 2009.

“Our member accountants are now able to track the referrals they receive from us right through their computer,” says Laurent. “We’re making it easier for them to receive their referrals by being able to alert them within a few minutes of a pending new client that may have just logged onto our website and requested a referral to a local accountant,” she further explains. “We can also send a text message or email alert to a hand held device that notifies the accountant of their next appointment,” Laurent adds.

The reality television series will document the effectiveness of the technology that has been deployed in the field to help member accountants land more clients from the companies that use the website to obtain referrals to local accountants.

Sushil Kumar, George Jay Kite, Kris D. Hinckley, and Kirt D. Hinckley, all Certified Public Accountants are featured in this episode of GA Access.

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