Now You Can Get $100,000 In Guaranteed Client Billings With Your American Express Card is guaranteeing a $100,000 dollars, four-to-one return to accountants purchasing a $25,000 Designated Service Provider (DSP) marketing program using their American Express card, but only for the next 48 hours.  In a special offer promoting the American Express Card as a way to grow accounting practices, is guaranteeing a four times return of $100,000 to accountants in certain geographic areas of the country when they purchase a $25,000 DSP marketing program and they use their American Express card to do so.

A special two week promotion launched on October 1st and originally slated to end on October 15th has been extended two additional days until October 17th in consideration of the October 15th deadline accountants have just concluded.  The reason for the offer is two-fold, to increase the number of accountants joining GoodAccountant’s network in certain parts of the country where more accounting professionals are needed to service the growing number of business owners using the popular website. The other is to increase awareness among accounting professionals of an alternative way to finance their marketing.  Many accountants are unaware they can use their American Express card to purchase marketing programs whereas the promotion is designed to increase awareness of this option.

The promotion guarantees a four-to-one return on investment or $100,000 instead of  the normal $50,000 two-to-one return on investment which has traditionally offered accountants who purchase a $25,000 marketing program.

Larry Belton, Jr., the subject of an upcoming issue of GA Insider has just landed a $45,000 yearly client from a similar promotion.  Brook Avey, has landed a $65,000 yearly client also through a similar special offer. is an online accounting marketplace which matches business owners with local accountants. In its seventeenth year of operation the company has become the U.S. Accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

For more information on how to take advantage of GoodAccountants 4 to 1 offer please click here or call 1 (888) 326-9300.

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