We’ll Guarantee You $20,000 In Billings But Only On These Clients

CPA, John Clemons says he will earn $280,000 over the next seven years on his investment with GoodAccountants.com

GoodAccountants.com is offering a 4 to 1 return of $20,000 in minimum first-year billings to accountants who purchase a $5,000 membership level marketing program in cities where it has open accounting engagements which must be filled immediately.

Certified Public Accountant, John Clemons, took advantage of a similar offer extended by GoodAccountants.com earlier this year and has engaged two companies for $20,000 each for a total of $40,000 in yearly, recurring billings.  Clemons says he is confident he will retain both clients for at least the next seven years which will result in $280,000 in overall billings for his practice during that period.  “This kind of return on investment is unheard with any other investment bar none,” says Johanna Laurent, President of GoodAccountants.com.

One such company that comes with a minimum four-to-one, first-year, $20,000 billings guarantee is a closely-held, family owned and operated, private charter jet company in Northern, New Jersey with sales of $8 million. Another engagement on the list of companies that automatically come with a four-to-one billings guarantee is a $10 million meat packing and distribution company needing two consecutive years of audits.  For a complete list of companies being offered by GoodAccountants.com with a minimum first-year billings guarantee of $20,000 dollars, please call (888) 326-9300 for more information.

GoodAccountants.com is an online accounting marketplace which matches companies looking for audit, tax and bookkeeping services, with local accountants. Having just entered its  seventeenth year of operations, GoodAccountants.com is the nation’s leading accountancy referral service as well as the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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