Use Your American Express Card And We’ll Triple Your Client Billings

A new promotion which begins today guarantees accountants an automatic three-times (3Xs) return on their investment in any marketing program they purchase from, but only if they use their American Express card to make the buy. This year’s Thanksgiving through Christmas Holiday Promotion will guarantee $75,000 in first-year, client billings to any accountant who purchases a $25,000 marketing program using their American Express card.

”Our entry-level, $5,000 marketing program will now also come with a minimum guarantee of $15,000 in first-year client billings with this year’s Holiday Offer,” says Johanna Laurent, President of  Both promotions however can be purchased only using an American Express Card.

Certified Public Accountant, John Coggin has added $1 million dollars in billings to his accounting practice exclusively from clients referred to him by, with a substantial portion of these earnings coming from similar holiday promotions.  Coggin, a member since 2009 has retained more than 143 small business clients from over an eight-year period, an average of eighteen (18) new clients per year.

The credit card promotion according to Laurent, is being offered to increase awareness among accounting professionals of an alternative way to finance their marketing. “Many accountants are unaware they can use their American Express card to purchase marketing programs and this promotion will increase more participation as well as awareness of this,” says Laurent. “The only other restriction that applies to this year’s Holiday Offer is the one that applies one-hundred percent of the time to all of our marketing promotions and that is we will only sign a certain number of accountants in any one geographic area,” she explains. is an online, accounting marketplace which matches business owners looking for audit, tax and bookkeeping services, with local accountants who are members of its nationwide network of service providers. In its fifteenth year of operation, the company has become the U.S. Accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

For more information on how to take advantage of GoodAccountants 3-to-1 Holiday Offer please call 1 (888) 326-9300.

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