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Tom Case books $123,000 in recurring, yearly billings in 14 months as member of

Tom Case is the owner of KPI Innovations, a small, boutique accounting practice based in Anaheim, California. Case has booked more than $123,000 in yearly, recurring billings in a single, fourteen month period from clients that have been referred to him by, the nation’s largest online accounting service.

Case, who has invested $67,500 with since April 24th 2015, has doubled his money in his first fourteen months as a member of According to Case, his first year’s earnings are destined for some additional meteoric increases. “If I keep these clients for a ten year period I’m going to generate $1.2 million dollars in revenue on my original $67,500 investment,” says Case. His projections of additional  earnings over and above the $123,400 he has already earned are based on accounting Industry stats which indicate accountants keep their clients on average for a seven-year period.  If this particular statistic holds true for Case, he will earn an additional $123,000 in recurring billings every year, on these very same clients, for at least the next seven years.

Compelled by the monetary success he has experienced working with Raquel Carter, his representative at, Case has decided to share with other accountants across the country what he believes to be the most powerful as well as the most profitable way to build a practice in today’s accounting industry. Our camera crew traveled to Case’s office in Anaheim, California on June 14th 2016 to film him in the video segment that can be viewed from this article.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut where he obtained his accounting degree, Case is also formerly a big five accountant with Arthur Anderson where he began his accounting career. First learning of several years ago Case says he’s glad he finally made the decision to take action and become a member of, the fastest growing online accounting service in the country. is an online, year-round, accounting marketplace which matches business owners and individual tax payers with local accountants. The company has been in business for more than 15 years and has several thousand accounting firms of varying sizes in its nationwide network. Its continued rapid growth has made it the U.S. accounting industry’s largest advertising aggregator.

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